Kigacon 2019

The annual anime convention of Newport News

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Kigacon is a three-day convention of the Hampton Roads. We celebrate Japanese anime, manga, and cosplay culture. However, we are welcoming of all pop culture fans! At Kigacon, you will see lots of amazing cosplay, meet sensational featured guests, and walk away with tons of loot from the Vendors' Room! Don't miss out!


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The Kigacon 2018 convention schedule is live! I repeat, the convention schedule is live! Save our link for live updates, and be sure to look at the bottom tabs -- there are ones for each day, with and without descriptions, for easy download. If you're having trouble viewing the page, try downloading our schedule as a portrait-oriented PDF! For more details, visit our "Schedule" tab under CON OVERVIEW.

Kigacon 2018 Convention Schedule


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Katsumi Cosplay has been rockin' the con scene since 2012! She is known for her original design cosplays, and is reputed for her crossplays. She's a lover of all things cute and chaotic, and you can find her cosplaying from Camp Camp and RWBY.  For more on Katsumi Cosplay, visit our "Special Guests" Page!


Announcing AutumnVirus Cosplay

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AutumnVirus Cosplay is an armor based cosplayer who enjoys crafting, building props and armor. She is currently trying to make cosplay, modeling, and gaming/streaming a full time career. To learn more about AutumnVirus, visit our "Special Guests" Page!

WHEREDAWAIFU is a lifestyle artist working to develop his trademarked brand WAIFUWEAR. WHEREDAWAIFU is on a mission to take the term back from the otakus who limit the identity of waifu to body pillows, and is giving it back to the real life waifus that are otaku themselves. Visit our "Special Guests" page to learn more!  

Announcing Show Us Your Pokeballs

Announcing Dynamic Duchess Cosplay

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Show Us Your Pokeballs (SUYP) is a traveling comedy troupe based out of Iowa wishing to spread their love of joke-telling and geek-culture to the masses. Billing themselves as "Comedy FOR Nerds, BY Nerds", SUYP originated as an R-rated stand up show in 2015.  SUYP will be hosting stand-up and Improv shows Saturday night! For more information on SUYP, visit our "Special Guests" page!

Dynamic Duchess Cosplay has been an avid cosplayer since 2016. You'll catch her as Neapolitan and Cinder Fall of RWBY, Jinx of League of Legends, and Gasai Yuno of Future Diary (Mirai Nikki). Dynamic Duchess, also known as Lex, will be hosting an autograph session and panels during Kigacon 2018, and you'll find her booth in our Vendors' Room. For more information on Dynamic Duchess, visit our "Special Guests" page!

Guest INQUIRIES for Kigacon 2019

Kigacon is partnering with Concon

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Kigacon is partnering with the Concon app to bring you all the latest news on our 2018 convention! The app is available for download for iOS and Android. For download links and for more information about Concon, visit our news tab!

At this time, Kigacon cannot accept anymore guest inquiries for our 2018 convention. However, if you are interested in attending Kigacon 2019 as a featured guest, please message us at, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you!

                                                        Aki Glancy will be hosting TWO  VOCAMERICA concerts, one Friday and one  Saturday night!

                                                       Aki Glancy will be hosting TWO  VOCAMERICA concerts, one Friday and one  Saturday night!

Announcing Rachael Messer

Film, stage, and voice actress Rachael Messer will be joining us for Kigacon 2018! Rachael has appeared in shows such as My Hero Academia, Fairy Tail, and Disney Channel's Polaris Primetime. For more info on Rachael, visit our "Special Guests" page!

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Announcing Paul St  Peter

Voice actor Paul St Peter will be returning for Kigacon 2018! Paul has appeared in shows such as Naruto and Bleach and video games such as  Kingdom Hearts and Fire Emblem. For more info on Paul, visit our "Special Guests" page!


Announcing Dj PonFetti

We are excited to announce that DJ PonFetti will be spinning at Saturday night's dance party! For more information about DJ PonFetti, visit our "Special Guests" page!

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Announcing Aki Glancy

We are thrilled to announce the return of Aki Glancy (EmpathP) to Kigacon!  Aki will be hosting a VOCAMERICA concert Saturday night! For more information about Aki, visit our "Special Guests" page!

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February 24, 7:30 PM-Midnight @ Christopher Newport University's DSU Ballroom

Hear ye, hear ye! Kigacon is hosting a Cosplay Ball, free and open to the public! The ball will be hosted in Newport News at Christopher Newport University's DSU Ballroom. This is the perfect setting for all of your cosplay photos or for a fun night out! But, you can arrive in cosplay or in your favorite t-shirt - the choice is yours. You must be 18 or older and have a valid ID to attend. You do not need a Kigacon convention ticket to attend (although we welcome you to preregister)! The ball will feature a dance floor and will be DJ hosted. You're not going to want to miss this!


Capes, super strength, and justice... the theme for Kigacon 2018 is superheroes! Come dressed as your favorite hero, and be prepared to strike some heroic poses!

The KigaCON Evolution

This is Kigacon's 5th year as the anime convention of Newport News. Our staff is committed to bringing you the best year yet, and we thank you for your continued support!

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