Cosplay Prop Check

We welcome cosplaying at Kigacon, and look forward to seeing what cool outfits you all have to show off. But safety is also important, so please read over the following rules to ensure we all have a safe, fun con experience. 

Cosplay Prop Check Rules

Props will be judged on a case-by-case bases. All props must be checked and tagged at the prop check, located next to the registration area.

We cannot allow props that can get us in trouble with police. This includes but is not limited to:
    -Airsoft guns (Loaded or unloaded)
    -realistic guns (Loaded or unloaded)
    -Nerf guns
    -Live metal/steel (Sheathed or unsheathed)

In addition, we cannot allow any prop bigger than your person. 

All decisions are final. Failure to follow the rules can, and will, result in prop confiscation or your removal from the con.


We thank you all for your compliance.