Panels and EventS


The Main Events Schedule for Kigacon 2018 is ready for our attendees! Check it out!


Main Event Schedule 2018




On Friday and Saturday night, Aki Glancy will host VOCAMERICA. VOCAMERICA is a Western Vocaloid project. It is a live, holographic musical event featuring English and Western voice synthesizers. You won't want to miss it!

Saturday Night Dance

Saturday Night Dance Party.jpg

DJ PonFetti will host Kigacon's Saturday Night Dance. We're still taking song suggestions until January 31st, so message us here or at with your favorite songs!

SUYP Standup Comedy Show

Show Us Your Pokeballs comedy troupe will host an 18+ standup comedy show Saturday night after the VOCAMERICA concert. And don't forget, they're hosting multiple panels on Sunday! Don't miss out on all the laughs!


Panel Submissions

Panel submissions are now open! Please visit the registration tab to submit your attendee registration and panelist form!


Cosplay contest Submissons

Kigacon will host a cosplay contest during its 2018 convention! The contest will be judged by Dynamic Duchess Cosplay, AutumnVirus Cosplay, and Kigacon Staff. Visit our registration page for details and on how to sign-up. 


Tabletop Gaming

Kigacon will have tabletop gaming available during its convention. If you're interested in hosting games and competitions, please message us!

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AMV Contest

Moe Anime Girl Pointing.png

Kigacon 2018 will host an AMV Contest. The categories will be trailers, action, drama, upbeat/dance, romance/sentimental, and comedy/parody. Visit our "AMV Contest"  page for rules and details  on how to submit!