Preregistration will be open from October 31, 2017, until January 31, 2018, and will include special discounts and offers.

Standard Registration will be open from February 1, 2018, until February 28, 2018.

All attendees must provide accurate information, and must submit payment promptly, in order to secure their badge, as well as any add-ons selected during registration. Attendees must be thirteen years of age or older, or have parents' permission before submitting a registration form.

All attendees must submit their own registration form. Submitting false information will result in a processing fee, and falsified registrations will not be issued refunds if unable to provide proof of identity.

A valid, government issued ID will be required in order to pick up badges at the registration booth. Name and age will be checked against provided ID before badges will be issued.

Children under the age of six will be let in free. 

Hard badges will be available for pickup at the registration booth in the Freeman Center on March 16th at start of convention.

Registration upon arrival will be available. Preregistration exclusive options will not be available at the registration booth, and add-ons like shirts, bags, and other merchandise, will be subject to availability.

Group rates will be available during preregistration and standard registration windows. Groups of six or more adults (18+), and families consisting of at least one parent or guardian (21+) and at least two children (6-12) shall be eligible for a group discount.

More details will be available on the group registration form found on the Registration page.


Panel registration will be open from October 31, 2017, until January 31, 2018. Panels will be subject to review and approval by Kigacon staff. Detailed requirements will be available from the panel registration form.

Panelists will receive a discount on  attendee registration fees for each additional panel each presenter participates in, beyond their first panel; this discount will be provided either as a refund upon the conclusion of the convention, or a comp-badge for the following convention. Additional panel participation must be registered during the panel registration window - additional panel discounts will be considered on a case-by-case basis if registered upon arrival at Kigacon.

Panel registration will not be available upon arrival. In order to present at Kigacon, a panelist must be registered for at least one panel during the panel registration window. This allows Kigacon staff to ensure all equipment and scheduling needs are met.

If a registered panelist must cancel their registration, or transfer their panel registration, notice must be given at least two weeks before March 16th. Refunds and transfers after March 16, 2018, cannot be guaranteed.


Cosplay is encouraged at Kigacon, and in order to ensure a safe and fund environment for all, we ask that attendees who wish to cosplay at the convention follow a few easy guidelines.

1. All props must be registered with either the registration booth, or with the Kigacon table in the vendors hall. Prop weapons are subject to approval - guns of any kind are not allowed, though most other prop weapons are allowed, as long as they are both obviously distinguishable from a real weapon and are unable to cause harm to another individual. Props being used inappropriately will be confiscated, and will be available for pick up as you depart the convention. Christopher Newport University takes security seriously, and on-campus police appreciate our cooperation in keeping the college campus a safe and secure environment.

2. All costumes must be appropriate for a PG13 audience. Kigacon encourages family participation, and we ask that costumes and props reflect our family-friendly nature. If you are concerned that your costume may not meet our requirements, please feel free to contact us, or visit the Vendors' Room upon arrival - you may find something on offer which helps to adapt your cosplay, rather than simply not getting to wear it at all.

3. Masks must not fully cover the face or head. As long as you are easily identifiable both with and without your headgear, you are good to go. This makes ID checks for badge handout and 18+ panels a lot easier, and helps ensure everybody's safety.

Thank you for reading and abiding by these simple guidelines.