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“Myths and Legends”

March 15-17, 2019

Kigacon is a three-day convention of the Hampton Roads. We celebrate Japanese anime, gaming, and cosplay culture. We are welcoming of all pop culture fans! At Kigacon, you will see lots of amazing cosplay, meet sensational featured guests, and walk away with tons of loot from the Vendors' Room! Don't miss out! 

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Hampton Inn & Suites, Kigacon’s Hotel of Choice for the 2019 convention season!

If you still need a room for Kigacon weekend, check out the Hampton Inn & Suites at 12251 Jefferson Ave. Your stay includes a free hot breakfast, free wi-fi, a fitness center, and the comfiest of beds! Call 757-249-0001 and mention Kigacon to get your own slice of paradise! $94/night plus tax.

AMV Contest Submissions

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You can now submit your AMVs for Kigacon’s 2019 contest! The categories are: Trailers, Action, Drama, Upbeat/Dance, Romance/Sentimental, Comedy/Parody, and Surreal/Trippy (bonus category). The cutoff date has been extended to March 6th at 11:59 PM; the contest will be Saturday, March 16th. For more on rules and prizes, visit the “AMV Contest Rules” page under Overview!


Announcing SkyBlew

Introducing SkyBlew, a young BUZZING emcee who resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by way of Auburn, Alabama. He is rapidly becoming the hip-hop voice for a new generation with a NEW SOUND!!!

FUNimation trailer w/ SkyBlew's music!!
HM02 [Pokemon inspired]

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Announcing Tangent Artists

IN A WORLD… where brother fought brother, elf fought dwarf, narwhal fought robot, teacup piglet fought guy with a horse mask, a group of creators rose above the sea of internet memes to form a single unit—a unit that called themselves… The Avengers. But as it turns out “The Avengers” was already taken, so they renamed themselves: Tangent Artists. 

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Announcing Katsumi Cosplay

Katsumi Cosplay has been living the con scene since 2012. When she’s not cosplaying an original design, you can find her cosplaying from Persona 5, Overwatch, or her newest obsession: The Adventure Zone! With Katsumi Cosplay, each new build is bigger, better, and crazier!

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Announcing None Like Joshua

NLJ is taking over the internet with his music and EDM productions that anyone can dance and rock out to. According to FreshNewTracks, “he isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest beats.” He’s released a rap metal/nerdcore album, L33T, with the French band, Smash Hit Combo, which reached #1 on iTunes metal for France. With an upcoming EP, epic remixes, covers, and collabs on the way, NLJ is sure to give a show you’ll never forget. You can find his music here!

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Announcing Team WHEREDAWAIFU

Autumn Virus

Raksmey Prak grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been a cosplayer since 2010. She loves designing, crafting, and making cosplays, and her love for attending anime conventions continues to grow. She has since then, set her alias name to Autumn Virus. Not only is she a cosplayer, but she is also a model and a twitch streamer. 

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Announcing Team WHEREDAWAIFU

Chaos Network

Chaos Network is a 23 year old "Otaku" Rapper from the North Side of Chicago that aims to bring the world together through Otaku and Anime culture.

He makes Anime and Otaku Rap music, Rap music about and/or inspired by Anime and Otaku Culture. His ultimate goal is to bridge these cultures together. 

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Announcing David Adkins

David Adkins is best known for his series Sons of Solistar, however he is also a game designer and an experienced panelist! His ten years of convention panels and work with conventions has led him to many stories and experiences that many would never believe possible, but he does not let that stop him from creating more stories and panels to entertain the audience he continuously discovers.

For more on David, visit the News or Special Guests pages on the website!

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Announcing Brandon Winckler

Brandon Winckler is a long-time anime fan and overall nerd who grew up in Chesapeake, VA. Brandon has provided voices for many English dubbed anime and films including roles such as Eugeo in Sword Art Online: Alicization, Theo Cornaro in Record of Grancrest War, and Lui Shirosagi in Beyblade! He also voices long time Marvel villain, Green Goblin in Marvel Avengers Academy, and more!

Please direct all press and media requests and inquiries to: Brandon Winckler BrandonWincklerVoice@gmail.com 213-454-1659

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Announcing Casual Assassin Cosplay

Casual Assassin is best known for his viral Preston Garvey cosplay, done alongside Painkiller Cosplay (Jay Philip). A self-proclaimed “pyromaniac”, Casual Assassin has found ways to implement his love of fire into cosplay — in the form of dual flaming scimitars. He has also been known to ignite his hands in flames (Talk about playing with fire!).

He says his goal is to bring these characters to life for his fellow fans, “even if I do get a little charred along the way!”

Cosplay Contest Applications

Applications for Kigacon’s 2019 Cosplay Contest are now open!

The Cosplay Contest is a craftsmanship award show, with pre-judging and a catwalk display. Show off your inner nerd; wow your fellow cosplayers and compete for fantastic prizes!

Please review the rules before submitting your application.

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SUYP Group Shot.jpg

Announcing the return of Show Us Your Pokeballs Comedy Troupe

Show Us Your Pokeballs (SUYP) is a traveling comedy troupe based out of Iowa wishing to spread their love of joke-telling and geek-culture to the masses. Billing themselves as "Comedy FOR Nerds, BY Nerds", SUYP originated as an R-rated stand up show in 2015.

The troupe has since evolved to offer stand up and improv comedy shows (both 18+ and family-friendly), as well as an assortment of workshops and hilarious panels! 

Voidmynx Armor Cosplay by DBSS Photography.jpg

Announcing Voidmynx Cosplay

Laura Williams, AKA Voidmynx Cosplay, has been creating her own award winning costumes and props since 2015. She specializes in Worbla and EVA foam armor crafting. Laura has a passion for teaching others in the cosplay community and helping them reach their goals by sharing her knowledge, skills, and techniques. Laura frequents many local anime and comic conventions in the area supporting the cosplay scene as a positive force for community and well being. (Photography Credit: DBSS Photography)