Announcing Casual Assassin Cosplay

Casual Assassin Cosplay with Flames.jpg

Kigacon 2019 is gonna be smokin’, but there’s no smoke without fire! Please welcome cosplay guest Casual Assassin Cosplay!

Casual Assassin is best known for his viral Preston Garvey cosplay, done alongside Painkiller Cosplay (Jay Philip). A self-proclaimed “pyromaniac”, Casual Assassin has found ways to implement his love of fire into cosplay — in the form of dual flaming scimitars. He has also been known to ignite his hands in flames (Talk about playing with fire!).

Casual Assassin pulls inspiration from Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and his first two cosplays were from these Bethesda Games Studios series. He says his goal is to bring these characters to life for his fellow fans, “even if I do get a little charred along the way!”

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