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Get hype for our next guest announcement, David Adkins!

Author\Speaker\Game Designer

David has been interviewed many times in papers and radio, has video interviews in pod casts, and has been a guest at many conventions across the East Coast and is hosting The 3ducasters currently.

Hotel Nowhere has been turned into a screenplay, and looking to be a film, while he markets his new Bounty!! game and comic, during his continuing discovery in the world of voice over work.

His ten years of convention panels and work with conventions has led him to many stories and experiences that many would never believe possible, but he does not let that stop him from creating more stories and panels to entertain the audience he continuously discovers.

Author of Sons of Solistar series\Hotel Nowhere\Demon in the Threshold\& We Were Gods…

In the early ages of his days at school, he was a story teller. His stories led to him being a dungeon master at many RPG table top games, and then to create his first book while in typing class, which his teacher begged him to publish, but he regrets not believing that there was no money to be made in writing.
He has now been up for two awards for his Sons of Solistar series.

Panelist and speaker at over 100 conventions…

Since discovering his speaking talents, many have asked him to speak at events, churches, and more. He was even on stage in Hollywood, but did not care for the attention back then, but has now started finding that people enjoy listening to him speak about how to overcome the bad, the despair, and others, to create his own possibilities.

Game designer…


This game was developed for an upcoming book and comic while working towards a new book series and movie later this year.

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