Announcing Tangent Artists

Tangent Artists.jpg

IN A WORLD… where brother fought brother, elf fought dwarf, narwhal fought robot, teacup piglet fought guy with a horse mask, a group of creators rose above the sea of internet memes to form a single unit—a unit that called themselves… The Avengers. But as it turns out “The Avengers” was already taken, so they renamed themselves: Tangent Artists. Their creations include the...

-Sword & Sorcery & Sarcasm fantasy, which includes the “CRIT!” webcomic series and The Linus Saga novels.

-The macabre comedy adventure webcomic Skeleton Crew, with its own RPG setting in development.

-The best-selling Guild Guides, including The Handbook for Saucy Bards

-Art and accessories

-Games and game aids

Monica Marier: Script, pencils, ink, and color for Skeleton Crew; script and pencils for CRIT!; In-house artist; lead writer for the Guild Guides. Follow her author page on Facebook!

David Joria: Writer for Skeleton Crew and CRIT!, game developer for Evil Hat

Rachael Hixon: Print-maven and colorist for CRIT!