Announcing Team WHEREDAWAIFU

Please welcome our next two terrific guests of Team WHEREDAWAIFU!

Autumn Virus.PNG

Autumn Virus

Raksmey Prak grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been a cosplayer since 2010. She loves designing, crafting, and making cosplays, and her love for attending anime conventions continues to grow. She has since then, set her alias name to AutumnVirus. Not only is she a cosplayer, but she is also a model and a twitch streamer. Gaming is a big part of her life, and she is currently trying to make cosplay, modeling, and gaming/streaming a full time career. Cosplay and gaming aren't just her hobbies, they're her passion and dream.

Chaos Network.png

Chaos Network

Chaos Network is a 23 year old "Otaku" Rapper from the North Side of Chicago that aims to bring the world together through Otaku and Anime culture. He makes Anime and Otaku Rap music, Rap music about and/or inspired by Anime and Otaku Culture. His ultimate goal is to bridge these cultures together.