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None Like Joshua

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As a versatile wordsmith and experimental electronic producer, None Like Joshua has been dabbling through a diverse set of music genres and topics to rap about since 2009. The level of fame that he’s garnered with over 54 million Youtube views has stemmed from rapping about his favorite video game, anime, TV shows, and movies intertwined with heavy electronic music. His music has traveled from Zelda to Star Wars, Eminem to Linkin Park, Skrillex to Flux Pavilion, and politics to love over dubstep, trap, metal and other dynamic genres. NLJ’s lyrics and high energy is always complemented with music that inspires and hypes every listener. He’s made a name for himself with the support and collaborations from talented EDM producers, musical youtubers, and, of course, the tens of thousands of gamers, anime fans, and rap lovers who have shared one of his songs.

NLJ is taking over the internet with his music and EDM productions that anyone can dance and rock out to. According to FreshNewTracks, “he isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like Mike Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest beats.” He’s also released a rap metal/nerdcore album, L33T, with the French band, Smash Hit Combo, which reached #1 on iTunes metal for France. He’s even performed in various cities and countries during his career; from Washington to Texas, Atlanta to New Orleans, and even across Europe in Amsterdam and London. With an upcoming EP, epic remixes, covers, and collabs on the way, NLJ is sure to give a show you’ll never forget. You can find his music here!


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Autumn Virus

Raksmey Prak grew up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and has been a cosplayer since 2010. She loves designing, crafting, and making cosplays, and her love for attending anime conventions continues to grow. She has since then, set her alias name to AutumnVirus. Not only is she a cosplayer, but she is also a model and a twitch streamer. Gaming is a big part of her life, and she is currently trying to make cosplay, modeling, and gaming/streaming a full time career. Cosplay and gaming aren't just her hobbies, they're her passion and dream.

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Chaos Network

Chaos Network is a 23 year old "Otaku" Rapper from the North Side of Chicago that aims to bring the world together through Otaku and Anime culture. He makes Anime and Otaku Rap music, Rap music about and/or inspired by Anime and Otaku Culture. His ultimate goal is to bridge these cultures together. 

Author David Adkins

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Author\Speaker\Game Designer

David has been interviewed many times in papers and radio, has video interviews in pod casts, and has been a guest at many conventions across the East Coast and is hosting The 3ducasters currently.

Hotel Nowhere has been turned into a screenplay, and looking to be a film, while he markets his new Bounty!! game and comic, during his continuing discovery in the world of voice over work.

His ten years of convention panels and work with conventions has led him to many stories and experiences that many would never believe possible, but he does not let that stop him from creating more stories and panels to entertain the audience he continuously discovers.

Author of Sons of Solistar series\Hotel Nowhere\Demon in the Threshold\& We Were Gods…

In the early ages of his days at school, he was a story teller. His stories led to him being a dungeon master at many RPG table top games, and then to create his first book while in typing class, which his teacher begged him to publish, but he regrets not believing that there was no money to be made in writing.
He has now been up for two awards for his Sons of Solistar series.

Panelist and speaker at over 100 conventions…

Since discovering his speaking talents, many have asked him to speak at events, churches, and more. He was even on stage in Hollywood, but did not care for the attention back then, but has now started finding that people enjoy listening to him speak about how to overcome the bad, the despair, and others, to create his own possibilities.

Game designer…


This game was developed for an upcoming book and comic while working towards a new book series and movie later this year.

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Voice Actor Brandon Winckler

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Brandon Winckler is a long-time anime fan and overall nerd who grew up in Chesapeake, VA. In 2016 he gathered his belongings and went on the journey of becoming a professional voice actor. 

Now living in Los Angeles, Brandon spends most of his time working professionally in the world of Anime and Video Game Voiceover. Brandon has provided voices for many English dubbed anime and films including roles such as Eugeo in Sword Art Online: Alicization, Theo Cornaro in Record of Grancrest War, Lui Shirosagi in Beyblade, Jason in the Mattel adaptation of Turning Mecard, and more that he can’t even talk about yet! He also voices long time Marvel villain, Green Goblin in Marvel Avengers Academy and has also provided voices in several web series such as Aphmau, God’s School, and more!

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Brandon Winckler

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Brandon Winckler


Casual Assassin Cosplay

Casual Assassin Cosplay with Flaming Scimitars.jpg

Kigacon 2019 is gonna be smokin’, but there’s no smoke without fire! Please welcome cosplay guest Casual Assassin Cosplay!

Casual Assassin is best known for his viral Preston Garvey cosplay, done alongside Painkiller Cosplay (Jay Philip). A self-proclaimed “pyromaniac”, Casual Assassin has found ways to implement his love of fire into cosplay — in the form of dual flaming scimitars. He has also been known to ignite his hands in flames (Talk about playing with fire!).

Casual Assassin pulls inspiration from Elder Scrolls and Fallout, and his first two cosplays were from these Bethesda Games Studios series. He says his goal is to bring these characters to life for his fellow fans, “even if I do get a little charred along the way!”

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 Show Us Your Pokeballs (SUYP) Comedy Troupe

SUYP Group Shot.jpg

Show Us Your Pokeballs (SUYP) is a traveling comedy troupe based out of Iowa wishing to spread their love of joke-telling and geek-culture to the masses. Billing themselves as "Comedy FOR Nerds, BY Nerds", SUYP originated as an R-rated stand up show in 2015.

The troupe has since evolved to offer stand up and improv comedy shows (both 18+ and family-friendly), as well as an assortment of workshops and hilarious panels! SUYP has had the honor of performing at a multitude of conventions, including Anime Central, Cedar Rapids Comic Con, Gen Con, Anime Milwaukee, and Anime Iowa.

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Voidmynx Cosplay

Voidmynx in Blue.jpg

Laura Williams, AKA Voidmynx Cosplay, has been creating her own award winning costumes and props since 2015. She specializes in Worbla and EVA foam armor crafting. Laura has a passion for teaching others in the cosplay community and helping them reach their goals by sharing her knowledge, skills, and techniques. Laura frequents many local anime and comic conventions in the area supporting the cosplay scene as a positive force for community and well being.

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