This is a list of vendors from our 2018 convention. We are grateful to all who attended. It was our best Vendors’ Room to date! We hope you’ll continue to support them post-convention.

(Please note: These are listed in alphabetical order. Additionally, the listed wares are not a comprehensive list.)


Cartoon Girl Wearing Kimono

Alexandra Crowder Fanart & orignal art prints, stickers, commissions


Alexisanime 88 Cat ears, figures, wall-scrolls, playing cards, fans, plushes, pillows, keychains


Anime Mid-Atlantic Pre-registration


Articall Art prints, stickers, pins


Atlantis Games & Comics Boardgames, TCGs, RPGs, figures, statues, replicas, novelties, graphic novels                                                                                              


Bev and Riah Resin charms, keychains, prints, commissions


Bizarre Bazaar Pixel art, cosplay items, plushies, keychains


Bunnydeux Prints, acrylic charms, buttons, commissions


CampAnime J-snacks, camp pre-registration                                                                          


C-dra Poster prints, notebooks, zines, charms


Chicken Scratch Stickers, plush items, clay items, decorations


Clockwork Cat Design Studios, LLC. Jewelry, leatherwork, sewn accessories, arts, crafts       


CNU Asian Studies Informational pamphlets


DNA Tattoo Prints, original drawings, paintings, commissions


DynamicAccessories Jewelry, custom ceramic mugs, keychains, perlers    


Dynamic Duchess Cosplay Cosplay prints, artwork                                                 


The Dream Grove Chainmail dice/accessory bags, purses, bracers, jewelry, dice jewelry


Eclipse Pop Plush, anime figures, squishies, Funko Pops, shirts, accessories


Fehu Studio Original comics, art prints, buttons, acrylic charms, stickers


Hometown Go In-house artists artwork


Horse Cookies Artists prints, original art, small commissions (fantasy)


Jewelry, Crafts, and More  Jewelry, mugs, and dishes with sayings


Kenzi Corinne Traditional & digital media prints, pins/charms, bookmarks


Kimico Mamoca Stickers, prints, keychains, sticker sheets, buttons


Kiwiidzilla  Kpop & anime fanart, original work, handmade accessories, prints


KLH Illustration Prints, acrylic charms


Kurokegumo Illustrations Buttons, stickers, perler bead arts, fan art prints, cosmetic bags                  


Live Long and Fandom  Silhouette t-shirts, canvas paintings, art prints, stickers, personalized drawings


MarsCon Pre-registration


Nekocon Pre-registration


NeverBen Designs & Productions Caricatures of guests/attendees, fan art, original art prints          


Otaku United Nations Pillows, buttons, (3D) prints, mini books, scarves, bookmarks, clay charms, perler items        


Pandara Polaris Realistic butterfly jewelry, accessories             


Pillow Puff Products Handmade pillows, hats, fidget toys                          


Power-Up Perler Bead Arts Perler bead keychains, coasters, stands


Rachael Messer Prints                                                                       


Rock U Otaku Japanese candy, anime figures, gashapons, trading figures, plushies


Sakura Sisters  Handmade amigurumi toys, wands, yukata, hollow books, Harry Potter items    


Siren's Proxy Art/Luthien Artist Fan-made & original posters, buttons, stickers


SNI, LLC. Toys, Japanese candy, food


Spectrum Entertainment Informational packets, artwork


Spellbound Wand Company Handcrafted, wooden wands                               


Star City Anime Pre-registration                                                      


Starnugget Prints/posters, buttons, keychains, pins, stickers


VOCAMERICA Vocaloid CDs, original & Vocaloid themed prints


Voidbug Fantasy & fanart prints, buttons, commissions


WAIFUWEAR/AutumnVirus Cosplay Otaku clothing line, prints                                    


Weeboo United Handmade t-shirts, pillows, throw blankets, hand bands             


Weird Day Studios Prints, commissions, buttons, keychains


Wisteria Art Studios Original character artwork & comics, prints, buttons           



Y0y0kai & Nyonpyon Prints, buttons, keychains, stickers              


Yojimbu Inc. Manga, plushies, keychains, wallscrolls, glowsticks