This is a list of Vendors that will be in attendance at Kigacon 2019. We hope you will support our vendors pre- and post-convention.

Please note: This list is in alphabetical order. Additionally, the wares listed are not comprehensive.

Anime Angel Girl - Groceries.png

Anime USA: Preregistrations.

Annie Dee Illustrations: Mixed media, watercolor, fan art, original illustrations, traditional and digital art prints, charms, buttons, and stickers.

The Art of Jessica Brannan: Digital art prints, including matted, framed, and mini prints.

Atlantis Comics & Games: Boardgames, TCGs, RPGs, figures, and graphic novels.

Battl3-Worn Gaming: Retro and newer video games, consoles, and accessories.

Captain Juuter & Dandywara: Prints, postcards, stickers, buttons, and charms.

Caramelled: Art prints and stickers.

Cathelios & The Fluffy Prince: Art prints, keychains, buttons, commissions, sewn wares including bags, ribbons, and scrunchies.

Chickadee Pop!: Prints, stickers, enamel pins, keychains, buttons, and tabletop gaming accessories.

Chumaruko: Prints, postcards, acrylic charms and stands, lanyards, buttons, enamel pins, t-shirts, and pouches.

Clockwork Cat Design Studios: Jewelry, tail purses, woodwork, leatherwork, sewn products, and arts and crafts.

Cutee Craft: Decoden cases, keychains, necklaces, stickers, and prints.

Dragon Cat Arts: Original fan art, commissions, and buttons.

The Dream Grove: Chainmail, dice jewelry, and cosplay items.

Dynamic Accessories: Jewelry, various wares, handmade hair accessories, and artwork.

Eclipse Pop: Plush, funko, bags, and accessories.

Ei-bi Shop: Charms, stickers, prints, buttons, postcards, phone straps, and commissions.

HollyEloi Artworks: Prints, greeting cards, zines, stickers, and plaster planters.

Huruicosplay: Scarves, hooded scarves, hand warmers, charms, stickers, tulle skirts, and patches.

Kenzie Corrine: Pins, charms, and at-table commissions.

Kimico Mamoca: Prints, stickers, sticker sheets, buttons, keychains, and open commissions (traditional & digital).

Kinda Quirky Krafts: Stuffed animals, buttons, and original artwork.

Kiwiidzilla: Prints, stickers, pins, kawaii accessories, and zines.

Kobazaki's Customs: Prints, stickers, pins, buttons, keychains, and commissions. 

Magi Entertainment, Inc.: Megami Saga: Resurrection books, wall decal prints, keychains, and future product showcase.

MatchaParfait Productions: Plushies, stickers, accessories, bags, keychains, and buttons.

NeverBen Designs: Art prints and caricatures.

Otaku United Studio: Prints, 3D printed items, perlers, buttons, pillows, polymer clay buttons, jewelry, t-shirts, scarves, hats, booklets, bookmarks, keychains, and spinning tops.

PandaGyoza Studios: Original art, posters, stickers, bags, purses, pins, keychains, enamel pins, standees, and on-spot commission work.

Qvarr: Art prints.

Simplyodds: One-of-a-kind handmade and customized items.

Topaz Strange: Prints, paintings, stickers, and on-site commissions.

Weeboo United: Anime t-shirts, buttons, beanies, and stickers.

Weird Day Studios: Buttons, stickers, keychains, and semi-permanent tattoos.

White Moose Opus: Vinyl lettered backpacks, totes, pencil bags, buttons, lanyards, and stickers.

Wisteria Art Studio: Pin-back buttons, posters, small prints, and stickers.