Cosplay Contest Rules

Anime Girl - Curtsy.png

Reminder: All contestants are to arrive outside the Gaines Theater 20 minutes before the Cosplay Contest starts.

Please read before submitting.

Additional rules and modifications may need to be made. Rules be enforced as Kigacon Staff see fit. The Kigacon 2019 Cosplay Contest rules are as follows:

1) Cosplays must be appropriate for public setting, comply with state and local laws, and should abide by Christopher Newport University’s campus policy. Additionally, no bare feet, sharp protrusions, hate speech or symbols, and vulgarity will be permitted.

2) Contestants must come to prejudging in order to go on stage for the competition.

3) All props must be tagged at the prop check station prior to prejudging. Props resembling weapons must not infringe on state and local laws, or CNU’s campus policy. No firearms, live steel, or projectiles are allowed. You must be able to carry around your prop without any injury to yourself or others, and without causing destruction of property.

4) It is the responsibility of the contestant to bring reference pictures. These can be printed or digital. Digital images can be displayed via smartphone, tablet, or other devices. References should be from original source material. The judges will use these images as part of judging criteria.

5) Body paint must be sealed, and makeup should not come off during contact with anything or anyone. Minimum coverage is defined as bikini coverage.

It is preferred that the cosplay is 85% made by the contestant

Note: Cosplayers can walk onstage with a pre-made cosplay, however they will not be in the running for any prizes. If a cosplayer is using a pre-made cosplay, they will not need to show up for prejudging.

The rules regarding skits are as follows:

1) Skits are to be no longer than 1 minute. Please note that you cannot be judged on performance alone.

2) Participants are not allowed to perform flips, cartwheels, somersaults, etc. or other activities on stage that could potentially endanger the participant(s), audience, or judges.

3) Skit music must be provided via CD or flash drive and should be submitted as early as possible either via e-mail or at the convention. This is required, as it will need to be accessed via the Master List.


We will be accepting Cosplay Contest entrants online and at the convention, but it is preferred you enter as early as possible. We look forward to seeing you at Kigacon 2019!