Kigacon 2020 Panel Submission

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Thank you for your interest in paneling at Kigacon 2020! We’re excited that you want to share your knowledge, talent, and humor with your fellow attendees!

Please submit as early as you can!

We cut off submissions as soon as the schedule is filled so please submit your event early! If your application is accepted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail; we will send a follow-up e-mail with your panel’s date and time as soon as the schedule is finalized.

Panelists who submit and are approved for one panel or a total of 1+ hours of panel programming can receive a badge at half price. Panelists who submit and are approved for two panels or a total of 2+ hours of panel programming can get a free badge.

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With the exception of the Gymnasium, all room types have projectors. Both the Large Panel Room and the Small Panel Rooms are equipped with computers, but you may use your own laptop. Our projectors work with most Windows(R) laptops that have a VGA or HDMI connection; we encourage you to bring your own adapters. MACs and some really thin laptops require special adapters that we are likely unable to provide. A sound system usually comes with 2 to 4 microphones, and we are unable to accommodate requests for more.
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