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Kigacon is staffed entirely by the CNU Anime Club and by community volunteers. The convention is at its best when we have volunteers to lend a helping hand. We need YOUR help!

All volunteers who commit to working 3 or more hours over the duration of the weekend receive FREE admission to the convention.

If you would like to volunteer, please complete the form below. The duties of each volunteer position are included at the bottom of the page. Upon acceptance of your volunteer application, we will e-mail you with a confirmation; we will send you a follow up e-mail with your volunteer schedule as soon as the convention schedule is finalized.

Thank you so much for your help! We can’t wait to see you at Kigacon 2020!

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Security: Security is responsible for surveying and monitoring the proceedings of the convention in assigned areas. Security must watch for unseemly behaviors. Security volunteers should refer to Head of Security and/or CNU PD if con-goers fail to adhere to convention and campus policies.

Door Check: Door Check is responsible for monitoring entrances to key convention sites. It is the responsibility of door check volunteers to verify convention goers are wearing authentic Kigacon 2019 badges. If an event is 18+, it is the responsibility of the door check to request a valid, legal ID. Additionally, door checks should observe cosplay props to ensure they have a con-approved, prop-check mark.

Gopher: Gophers primary responsibility is to complete miscellaneous tasks and provide assistance to Kigacon staff and volunteers in assigned areas. If they are not required elsewhere, gophers are to survey the Vendors' Room.

Registration: Registration is responsible for registering attendees, both preregistered and walk-ins. Additionally, they are responsible for checking in vendors and artists, volunteers, and panelists. Registration volunteers will verify all persons' identities before providing them with their badge. Additionally, these volunteers will be required to assist attendees who wish to sign up for the Cosplay Contest.

Cosplay Prop-check: Volunteers will need to familiarize themselves with convention and campus policies and should not allow any props that do not adhere to these guidelines.

Staff Assistant: Staff assistants will work with and aid assigned staff members for the duration of the convention. The staff member positions are: Con-chairs, Gaines Theater Supervisor, Head of Security, Vendors' Room Supervisor, Panelist Room Supervisor, Registration Supervisor, and Cosplay Check Supervisor.